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The Ruby Sparkles

Fancy Like Applebees Boots

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Size 6.5 Only. TTS. 


Shipping & Returns


READY TO SHIP BOOTS: All boots will ship within 3-5 business days if the boots are labeled as "Ready to Ship".

Boots IN PROGRESS can take will take 7-30 business days to complete and ship. I work on boots in a first come, first serve format.

Boots on PREORDER will take 30-120 days. These are boots I am waiting on from the manufactures I will regularly update shipping ETAs for PREORDERS.

RETURNS: Full refunds are only permitted in the first 7 days and are at my sole discretion. Anything after 7 days is a FINAL SALE regardless of fit. Any shipping costs for returns are at the buyers expense.

Boot Care Instructions

With proper care, your boots will last for years to come and will sparkle like the first day your wore them. 

For best care, please follow these tips.

* Always store your boots in a box or bag after wearing. You can stuff toes and shaft of boots with the items from the Care Kit. This will help the boots keep their shape and prevent crystals from chipping off with wear.

* From time to time, the crystals might need a quick shine up. 

Simply use a lens wipe or eye glass cleaner to gently wipe down the crystals. Then wipe clean with the dry cloth. Use normal to light pressure. 

Stones will not fall off from this.

Things to avoid:

* Never leave your boots in a hot car!

* Do not use your toes to "kick off your boots".

*Do not throw your boots in the back of your closet. Must store boots in a box or bag.